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Abram Morris Dancers
Abram Morris Dancers

This short film is an excerpt from 'Our Heritage' - a DVD celebrating the history of Wigan Borough which is available to buy for 10. For further information about the annual Abram Morris Dance visit www.abram-morris-dancers.org.uk
Williamson Tunnels Virtual Tour
Williamson Tunnels Virtual Tour

This short film is an excerpt from 'Williamson Tunnels Virtual Tour' - a DVD about the mysterious tunnels under Edge Hill which is available to buy for 8 from www.williamsontunnels.com
Phil Clarke in front of Haigh Hall
Greenheart Regional Park

Wigan Borough has undergone a remarkable transformation from the 'dark, satanic mills' of the past to become the greenest Borough in Greater Manchester. Former industrial sites, such as collieries and slagheaps, were significantly cleaned-up and have now been reclaimed by nature. Grouped together, these sites form the Greenheart Regional Park, an extensive network of lakes, grasslands, woodlands and parks, threaded together by the restored Leeds/Liverpool Canal. This short film, presented by Sky Sports' Phil Clarke, serves as an introduction to Greenheart.
Creative Leigh painted mural
Creative Leigh

Creative Leigh was an intergenerational Heritage and Arts project, bringing Leigh's past to life through theatre and visual arts. The centre point of Creative Leigh was the play 'The Streets of Leigh' - a promenade theatre performance around the newly-built Leigh Sports Village. The play comprised of eight scenes, focused on different episodes in the history of the town, all played by different local drama groups. As a record of the project, the drama groups were filmed performing their scenes for the camera.
Abram Morris Dancers
Wigan Cultural Manifesto

Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust commissioned the production of two short films to accompany their five year plan for cultural development in Wigan Borough. The films focused on arts, sport, heritage, libraries, parks, play facilities and tourism. A longer version, with a narration by Wigan-born writer/broadcaster Stuart Maconie, went into the detail of the current provision in the Borough and aspirations for the future. The shorter version here gives an impression of the range of cultural activities in Wigan.
Williamson Tunnels Virtual Tour

Meadow is an award-winning art project from the The National Wildflower Centre, where school children turn throw-away plastics into a unique meadow of flowers. The Meadow film explores what happens to plastic bottles after we put them in the recycling bin. The film has been used widely in schools on Merseyside to support environmental education and to accompany Meadow art workshops.